Prefabricated medical modular complexes

Medico-Innovation Technologies

Medical Innovative Technologies LLP, having extensive experience in the implementation of turnkey projects for medical institutions, offers prefabricated medical modular complexes for the organization of high-quality medical care within walking distance in the shortest possible time.

Complex solutions for medical organizations are created by our specialists on the basis of medical and technological approaches, knowledge of the specifics of healthcare, current legal requirements and manufacturers of medical equipment, taking into account the characteristics of medical organizations and the needs of different groups of the population using imported prefabricated modular structures.


The implementation of projects for the creation of prefabricated modular complexes allows in a short time in a difficult epidemiological situation to improve the provision of the population of the Republic with timely diagnosis and treatment, as well as to diversify the capabilities of existing departments of medical organizations, including through the introduction of new equipment and services.

Modular complexes solve the problem of the availability of certain types of medical services for the population, as well as the shortage of premises and modern equipment both in cities and in remote areas.

Creation of conditions for the provision of medical services in remote areas in the form of medical modular complexes, within walking distance from the place of residence for residents of the areas contributes to the early, timely and high-quality provision of services, improvement of primary diagnosis, reduction of the risks of developing complications of diseases, injuries, optimization of the load on existing medical organizations.  


Accommodation Requirements

  • Availability of a site suitable for the creation of a medical unit, taking into account the equipment that will be installed inside the modular complex;
  • Availability of free electrical capacities in accordance with the planned medical and technological equipment;
  • Availability of free electrical capacities in accordance with the planned medical and technological equipment;
  • Possibility of connection to existing nearest communication points;
  • Availability of access roads, lack of green spaces, etc.;
  • Additional requirements depending on the medical purpose (for example, the presence of a valid end-user license for handling devices and installations that generate ionizing radiation for CT).



  • High speed of implementation, the possibility of building a structure at any time of the year;
  • The possibility of operation immediately after installation and summing up communications;
  • Seismic resistance due to the flexibility and lightness of the elements;
  • High performance, low service and maintenance costs: no additional finishing required; the presence of high rates of sound and heat insulation;
  • Eco-friendly materials; interior decoration, ventilation and lighting systems meet all sanitary and epidemiological requirements for healthcare facilities;
  • Lifetime 20-25 years.



We offer the creation of turnkey medical modular complexes to accommodate medical diagnostic and auxiliary departments, such as:

  • Laboratories, including PCR;
  • CT scan;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Endoscopy;
  • Disinfection of medical waste;
  • Feldsher-obstetrical point;
  • Trauma center;
  • Disinfection;
  • Laundry room;
  • Pathology department and others.


Licenses / Patents

Stages of project development

Analysis of data on a medical organization (MO), study of specifications and selection of a site for placing a modular medical complex on the territory of the MO;
Development and adaptation of sketch-planning solutions for a specific MO;
Landing the building on the master plan;
Construction and installation works, including: foundation; internal engineering networks; external engineering networks, taking into account the summing up of engineering networks with a length of not more than 100 meters; improvement of the territory around the module; backup power supply.
Provision of medical and technological equipment: installation, commissioning;
Equipping with other equipment and furniture;
Staff briefing;
Commissioning of the facility.

Examples of project implementation

Departments for the disinfection of medical waste of classes "B" and "C", Almaty
Departments of CT diagnostics. City polyclinic №36, Almaty
PCR laboratory. State hospital №2, Semey
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